Just Elena, just a volunteer

🇺🇦✌️The war proves that Ukrainians are a truly invincible nation, able to quickly mobilize in a crisis. We are like a big hive, where everyone plays their part, strengthening and helping others.

Yes, we started cooperating with Novovodolazka OTG when we were approached by their representative – volunteer Olena, who was a lawyer in a peaceful life and had nothing to do with volunteering. The challenge of time has changed her priorities.

At first, Olena came to us to pick up a humanist in a small car of her own. But during these three months, the number of residents of the Community has increased many times due to migrants from dangerous areas. So now the zealous volunteer is loading us with a big bus and still manages to help the military.

💙💛 We are working together for the victory and prosperity of our native Ukraine!

Let’s win together!