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Our houses are under fire, our residents are dying, but Kharkiv is defending itself and defending freedom and independence!

The Kharkiv with You Charitable Foundation is helping the Kharkiv region survive. We try to provide Kharkiv residents with everything they need – from drinking water to food, from medicines to modern hospital equipment.

Our volunteers work day and night throughout Ukraine.

We buy and bring to Kharkiv food, medicine, special devices and spare parts.

Today we support with provisions, medicines and consumables Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital of Ambulance and Emergency named after prof. OI Meshchaninova, Kharkiv Regional Hospital, Kharkiv Regional Perinatal Center, Kharkiv City Perinatal Center and other hospitals of Kharkiv region.

Our volunteers take part in the evacuation and support of the civilian population of Kharkiv.

Follow our actions on the Facebook page: Charitable Foundation “Kharkiv with you”

+380976307376, +380668239992,

Kharkiv needs help!

Please support our humanitarian mission with money, listing them according to the details:


MasterCard PrivatBank USD 5168 7450 3143 0272 /Rofe-Beketova Olena/

MasterCard PrivatBank EUR 5168 7450 3143 0413 /Rofe-Beketova Olena/


Сurrent account in USD


IBAN Code UA203515330000026006052332802
Company address : UA 61002 Kharkiv, Darvin str. 37 of. 2а

Correspondent banks

Account in the correspondent bank : 001-1-000080
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank : CHASUS33
Correspondent bank : JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York ,USA

Account in the correspondent bank : 890-0085-754
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank : IRVT US 3N
Correspondent bank : The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA

Сurrent account in EUR


IBAN Code UA983515330000026002052326975
Company address : UA 61002 Kharkiv, Darvin str. 37 of. 2а

Correspondent banks :

Account in the correspondent bank : 400886700401
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank : COBADEFF
Correspondent bank : Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Account in the correspondent bank : 6231605145
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank : CHASDEFX

Let’s unite! Hold on! Thank you for your trust!

The project “Kharkiv will live” – help to our doctors

🙌We have a good friend and partner Denis Ostrovsky. For the fifth month in a row, he has been devoting himself to the victory on the volunteer front. Now Denis and his volunteer group are carefully feeding doctors and rescuers, carrying out one of the directions of our project “Kharkiv will live”. His mission is supported by the “Renaissance” International Foundation.

💖What is the idea of the project “Kharkiv will live”? We are trying to support institutions that, even under the sights of racists, literally keep the pulse of life in Kharkiv and the region.

We recently shared the news about the transfer of the X-ray diagnostic system to Lozova Hospital. One of these days we will talk about the support of SES officers and structures involved in demining territories.

We try our best to support our favorite city Kharkiv.

We stand! Kharkiv will live!

✅ You can help our cause by following the link:


Humanitarian aid to the Zmiiv community

Kharkiv region, like the whole Slobozhanshchyna, is known as a friendly region. Even now, during the war, our region receives not only forced refugees from Kharkiv, but also from the regions temporarily occupied by Russia.

The Kharkiv with You Charitable Foundation, with the support of Zurich Insurance, provides humanitarian aid to all districts of the Kharkiv region.

Today we are reported by volunteers from Zmiiv district of Kharkiv region – Volodimir Vlasenko and his team.

Thank you for the logistical support of the Emerland Foundation.

Help to the Northern Saltovka (Kharkiv`s district) from Switzerland

The occupiers cynically shell the districts of Kharkiv every day. But as far as we know, the Northern Saltivka suffered the most from the Russian invaders. The large developed housing estate, which had a modern infrastructure, now looks like the epicenter of a real Apocalypse.

But despite everything, people live there. And they need help. We are glad that we are able to support them in difficult times of trials.

💙💛 The “Kharkiv with You” Charity Foundation would like to thank the partners who help Kharkiv residents survive: Zurich (Switzerland) and the Emerland Charity Foundation.

Special thanks to the priest Rostislav, who with his team of volunteers brings help to all needy residents of Kharkiv.

Help for temporary residents of the Krasnograd community

We are convinced that good should be spoken aloud. This war has brought us a lot of grief, but we want such stories to be a reminder that all will be well! That’s why we talk about most of our work (but a lot of effort remains behind the scenes).

💙💛 So the other day we sent a large consignment of humanitarian aid to the Krasnograd Community. Thanks to the support of our benefactors and partners – Zurich (Switzerland) and the  Emerland Charity Foundation – we have even more opportunities every day!

Thank you all!

X-ray machine for Lozova Hospital

💙💛 Convenient, modern and reliable – this is the mobile X-ray machine we recently handed over to the Lozova Territorial Medical Association. Now X-ray diagnosis in the hospital will be even easier and faster! Because despite the war, Ukrainians must receive high-quality medical care.

🤝 The transfer of equipment took place within the project “Kharkiv will live”, which we are implementing with the financial support of the “Renaissance” International Foundation (Міжнародний фонд “Відродження”).

Here is what the Lozova mayor Sergiy Zelenskyy (Сергій Зеленський) writes:

“Patients will receive better diagnostics.

A modern X-ray machine was handed over to the Lozova Territorial Medical Association. It will be used to examine patients in hospital №1. X-rays are mobile, so it can be moved between departments.

I am grateful to Victoria Milutina, Director of the Northern Interregional Department of the National Health Service of Ukraine, for her constant support with equipment and medicines. With her help, the X-ray machine was provided to us by the “Renaissance” International Foundation and the “Kharkiv with You” Charity Foundation.

Together we will overcome and win.

Glory to Ukraine💙💛”

We are from Kharkiv! City – ferroconcrete!

Our City – ferroconcrete! is not the least thanks to the people of Kharkiv, who volunteer strongly. But when you help others a lot, you don’t always notice in time how the internal “battery” sits down. This is one of the most pressing issues we face now: volunteers often do not want or do not know how to take care of themselves.

✊But it is impossible to create a strong rear without volunteering. Realizing this, we developed the project “We are from Kharkiv! City – ferroconcrete!”. It was highly praised and funded by the “Renaissance” International Foundation ( Міжнародний фонд “Відродження” ) as part of its “Keep the Strike” volunteer initiative support program.💙💛

The iconic art of the artist Patrick Cassanelli well known among Kharkiv`s citizen became a significant emblem of the project. The program includes: medical check-up, medical and safety training, cards for the purchase of medicine and fuel. We will also try to help Kharkiv`s volunteers with food and hygiene products.

The City – ferroconcrete! Project is not only about caring, but also about wanting to show volunteers that their work is necessary and important. The main criterion for selecting participants – those who were in the most difficult time here in Kharkov, on the “first” line.

📌According to our donor standards, the list of volunteer organizations that have signed the Memorandum with us will not be publicly available. This is necessary for the safety of those who, by helping our army, creating a strong rear, attract the attention of the occupiers.

Project “We are from Kharkiv! City – ferroconcrete!” is designed for the future. War is a marathon, a long game. The winner is either the one who has a lot of resources or the one who uses what he has wisely. And most importantly, after the Victory, our state will need people with the resources to rebuild the country.

The first pallet has been received! Help from Switzerland

Today, the “Kharkiv with You” Charitable Foundation received the first batch of aid from Swiss benefactors – Zurich Insurance.

We truly thank our friends from Switzerland. We hope that this connection will be strong and reliable. For our part, we promise to strictly adhere to all agreements, provide reports and, more importantly, pass this assistance on to those who value it most.

“Kharkiv with you” & Emerland & Zurich Insurance & Maria Mezentseva = power! 💪

Thanks to all partners and donors!

Delivery of aid to Ukraine is provided by Maria Mezentseva, deputy of Ukraine, and the Emerland Charitable Foundation.

Path of Hope – “Kharkiv with You” Charity Foundation project

Seeing smiles on the faces of children who survived the horrors of war is the most valuable reward.💙💛

#StezhkaNadei (#PathofHope) is a unique project of the “Kharkiv with You” Charitable Foundation in which we have united the efforts of many adults for the sake of our Ukrainian children. Because saving them is equal to saving the future of the nation.

The “Path of Hope” (“Stezhka Nadei”) has become a lifeline for many children not only with difficult fates, adopted, but also with difficult diagnoses which can not be helped in Ukraine during the large-scale invasion.

Читати далі

Assistance to civilians in Kharkiv region

💙🤝💛One of the important directions of our Foundation’s work is humanitarian aid for the civilian population. These are mainly food products and hygiene products that we pass on to our partner volunteer associations or friendly volunteers. They know the current locally needs and distribute aid to those in dire need. And this applies not only to Kharkiv, our activities also cover the region: Merefa, Zmiiv, Nova Vodolaga, Valky, Mala Danylivka, Bohodukhiv, etc.

It is noteworthy that our partner volunteer groups consist of ordinary people who were no different from others in peacetime. But the challenge of fate, which we all received on February 24, showed in us many reserves of courage and indifference.

Mutual help has now become one of the important features of Ukrainian society. We appreciate friends-volunteers that your reliable shoulder is always close to those who need it the most. Let you have the strength and inspiration to do good.💖

We thank all volunteers of the region for their work and responsibility!

Nova Vodolaga and Krasnograd have become a shelter for many Kharkiv residents.

Charitable Foundation “Kharkiv with you” does not leave our people without support.

We thank all volunteers of the region for their work and responsibility!💙💛

Here is what our friends from Nova Vodolaga write:

“Good deeds for those in need do not go unnoticed. We have the impression of your Charitable Foundation “Kharkiv with you” as sensitive and sincere people. It is very important for the employees of our Vodolazhchyna Volunteers “FAMILY” to know that we are not alone in solving everyday problems, that there are people who can lend a friendly shoulder in a difficult moment.
When we receive help from strangers who cares, our thoughts return to such unparalleled universal values as devotion and compassion, love of neighbor and the ability to change the world around us for the better…
A deep bow to you and a sincere thank you for everything you have done for us. And most importantly for giving our children the opportunity to feel complete and needed by someone!”

Everything will be Ukraine ❤️🙏🇺🇦

Together to victory!