Path of Hope – “Kharkiv with You” Charity Foundation project

Seeing smiles on the faces of children who survived the horrors of war is the most valuable reward.💙💛

#StezhkaNadei (#PathofHope) is a unique project of the “Kharkiv with You” Charitable Foundation in which we have united the efforts of many adults for the sake of our Ukrainian children. Because saving them is equal to saving the future of the nation.

The “Path of Hope” (“Stezhka Nadei”) has become a lifeline for many children not only with difficult fates, adopted, but also with difficult diagnoses which can not be helped in Ukraine during the large-scale invasion.

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HelpArmy volunteers work tirelessly every day for the benefit of our defenders and defenders!

For example, we recently delivered camouflage nets to our boys and girls.

Today we helped our border guards and defenders from Novaya Vodolaga — brought them generators. Thanks for helping our Polish friends!

We brought drinking water, energy drinks, Maggi fast food, medicines, sleeping bags, personal hygiene items, and various useful goodies to our boys and girls, which they need to protect the city!

We also shipped baby food to Novaya Vodolaga, which our cats will give to the kids.

We gave the border guards sprays from ticks and insects, which are now very necessary for them!

We also kindly ask you to share contacts for the wholesale purchase of ticks and mosquitoes to protect our boys and girls!

Thank you for the support of the benefactors and the defenders of Kharkiv for heroism!


Андрей Полишоп, Ребека Бека, Виктория Милютина, Тамара Заводник, Анжела Денисенко, Iryna Beketova, Олена Шержукова, Олександр Гончаров

A short report on the long work (19-03-2022)

A short report on the long work that has been done for the inhabitants of our city:

– we took sleeping bags;

– we took a whole wagon of fast food from the Maggi company, which our friends gave us;

– we also brought our boy hygiene products – shampoos, toothbrushes, etc.

– in addition, civilian clothes and shoes were shipped to the Vysochinovskaya and Zmeevskaya community and the Vysokoe village for distribution;

– handed over to volunteers for further distribution among the civilians of the city of Kharkov – infant formula, baby food, diapers.

Every day we are getting closer to victory!

We believe in victory together!

It was the 23rd day of the war…

Our determination and faith in our country and people are growing every day! We always help with everything we can to the residents of the city and the region.

By tradition, we tell you what we managed to do on March 18:

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