“Humanitarian Kitchens of Slobozhanshchyna” project in Zmiiv district

“Slobozhanshchyna`s kitchens” is a story about the warmth and care that are now so necessary for people who escaped from the hell of hostilities. This week we completed the project in Zmiiv region. We thank a lot to our partners! Let’s keep the system! 💙💛

👉 This week in the Zmiiv region the project “Humanitarian Kitchens of Slobozhanshchina” which was realized together with the Zmiiv city council came to the end🤝

1332 portions of food for internally displaced persons were issued.

✅ The distribution took place on the basis of a mass residence of people who arrived from Kharkiv, Balaklia and other settlements where active hostilities are taking place.

✅ The food was prepared in a local cafe, so thanks to the project the local business is supported 💖

👉 It became possible to feed people thanks to the implementation of the project “Humanitarian kitchens of Slobozhanshchyna”, which is implemented by the Charity Foundation “Kharkiv with you” with the support of Razom for Ukraine Fundation.

We truly thank the partners for their support of the Zmiiv community 🤝 🤝 🤝

The NGO “Development together” in cooperation with the Zmiiv city council carries out the project in the Zmiiv community🤝💖