We are from Kharkiv! City – ferroconcrete!

Our City – ferroconcrete! is not the least thanks to the people of Kharkiv, who volunteer strongly. But when you help others a lot, you don’t always notice in time how the internal “battery” sits down. This is one of the most pressing issues we face now: volunteers often do not want or do not know how to take care of themselves.

✊But it is impossible to create a strong rear without volunteering. Realizing this, we developed the project “We are from Kharkiv! City – ferroconcrete!”. It was highly praised and funded by the “Renaissance” International Foundation ( Міжнародний фонд “Відродження” ) as part of its “Keep the Strike” volunteer initiative support program.💙💛

The iconic art of the artist Patrick Cassanelli well known among Kharkiv`s citizen became a significant emblem of the project. The program includes: medical check-up, medical and safety training, cards for the purchase of medicine and fuel. We will also try to help Kharkiv`s volunteers with food and hygiene products.

The City – ferroconcrete! Project is not only about caring, but also about wanting to show volunteers that their work is necessary and important. The main criterion for selecting participants – those who were in the most difficult time here in Kharkov, on the “first” line.

📌According to our donor standards, the list of volunteer organizations that have signed the Memorandum with us will not be publicly available. This is necessary for the safety of those who, by helping our army, creating a strong rear, attract the attention of the occupiers.

Project “We are from Kharkiv! City – ferroconcrete!” is designed for the future. War is a marathon, a long game. The winner is either the one who has a lot of resources or the one who uses what he has wisely. And most importantly, after the Victory, our state will need people with the resources to rebuild the country.

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