Assistance to civilians in Kharkiv region

💙🤝💛One of the important directions of our Foundation’s work is humanitarian aid for the civilian population. These are mainly food products and hygiene products that we pass on to our partner volunteer associations or friendly volunteers. They know the current locally needs and distribute aid to those in dire need. And this applies not only to Kharkiv, our activities also cover the region: Merefa, Zmiiv, Nova Vodolaga, Valky, Mala Danylivka, Bohodukhiv, etc.

It is noteworthy that our partner volunteer groups consist of ordinary people who were no different from others in peacetime. But the challenge of fate, which we all received on February 24, showed in us many reserves of courage and indifference.

Mutual help has now become one of the important features of Ukrainian society. We appreciate friends-volunteers that your reliable shoulder is always close to those who need it the most. Let you have the strength and inspiration to do good.💖

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