Baby food for Nova Vodolaga

Every day, the “Kharkiv with You” Charity Foundation ships humanitarian aid, which our partners – volunteer organizations deliver throughout the region.

Today we handed over baby food to the Novovodolazka community, because our children need care nowadays above all. They are the future of our nation. We believe that our children will grow up conscious, confident, with their own position and worldview as it should be. And they will help us make the world a better place. And now we are doing everything possible for the future prosperity of our Ukraine.

Here is what Volunteers of Vodolazhchina “Family” (Волонтери Водолажчини “РОДИНА”):

“Hello friends, we want to share with you a small part of our work. This week our volunteer team worked non-stop. In total, more than 250 packages of baby food for 0 to 2.5 years old were handed out.
Our volunteer guys also delivered packages of baby food to nearby villages.”

Together to victory❤️

Glory to Ukraine ❤️🙏🇺🇦

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