Humanitarian Kitchens of Slobozhanshchyna

In May, the Kharkiv with You Charitable Foundation, with the support of the Ukrainian Women’s Foundation, implemented the Humanitarian Kitchens of Slobozhanshchyna project in the Zmiiv community in cooperation with the Development Together NGO and the Zmiiv City Council.

Thank you for the partnership!

Here is what the NGO “Development Together” writes:

👉 Together with Zmiiv City Council implemented the project “Humanitarian Kitchens of Slobozhanshchyna” 🤝

✅ 1000 portions of food for internally displaced persons were issued.

✅ Extradition took place on the basis of a mass settlement of people who came from Kharkiv, Balaklia and other settlements where active hostilities are taking place.

✅ Food was prepared in a local cafe, so thanks to the project we managed to support local businesses🇺🇦
👉 It became possible to feed people thanks to the implementation of the project “Humanitarian kitchens of Slobozhanshchyna”, which is implemented by the Charitable Foundation “Kharkiv with you” with the support of the Ukrainian Women’s Foundation.

Implemented in the Zmiiv community of the NGO “Development Together” in cooperation with the Zmiiv City Council🤝

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