It was the 23rd day of the war…

Our determination and faith in our country and people are growing every day! We always help with everything we can to the residents of the city and the region.

By tradition, we tell you what we managed to do on March 18:

  • for refugees from the city of Chuguev, we handed over warm clothes, blankets from the store, diapers, baby food, baby pads, baby porridge and mixtures, wet and dry wipes – thank you for your cooperation to the volunteers of the organization “Just People”;
  • for the civilians of Kharkiv we handed over a bunch of blankets, baby bottles, pacifiers, milk formulas, diapers, shoes, wet wipes, medicines for adults and children. We thank the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region for help with delivery to places where it is difficult to reach even volunteers;
  • we provided medicines and supplies for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast so that they could provide assistance to Kharkiv residents;
  • for employees of the SES of Ukraine in Kharkiv region, we handed over lard and canned food from our friends Plast – Ukrainian Scouting, as well as basic medicines and wet wipes;
  • For units of the National Guard of Ukraine, our foundation provided a total of 2.5 pallets of food from our friends from western Ukraine and Plast – Ukrainian Scouting, blankets from the charming online store, hygiene products, medicines.

We wish you a peaceful sky above your head and believe in our victory!

Наталия Яковлева, Ребека Бека, Andrew PolyShop, Олена Шержукова, Виктория Милютина, Анжела Денисенко, Тамара Заводник, Iryna Beketova, Ivan Yurchenko

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