We have already managed to make a report on what we did and how we helped our city Kharkiv yesterday (20/03/2022)

– Dressings, pills, children’s medicines, diapers were shipped for the MVS for transfer to civilians in the city of Kharkov;

– In collaboration with the NGO “There are no other people’s children”, women’s pads, diapers, napkins, baby food, bottles for 3 pallets were handed over for distribution;

– Children’s food, adult and children’s diapers, pads, children’s medicines were handed over to the community “Stary Saltov”;

– Helps our fighters to warm up and brought them – blankets, thermal underwear, first aid kits, medicines, dressings, hygiene products; food (blanks) and canned food from Plast;

– We also sent our boys instant food from Maggi;

– We delivered the necessary medicines to the 8th regional clinical hospital.

We believe in victory!

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