A lot has been done these spring days

Kharkiv with You Charitable Foundation helps hospitals.

We share with you our little victories:

– medicines were sent to the regional hospital 1, the institute of general emergency surgery, the hospital of emergency care named after Meshchaninov 2, to the 3rd hospital in Balaklia, to the 4th children’s regional hospital, to the 22nd regional infectious hospital;

– boxes with red ribbons and two separate pallets of humanitarian aid were delivered to Dergachiv Hospital;

– from the 31st hospital they sent photos of the distribution of medicines, which we sent them a few days ago;

Thank you to everyone who is with us!We are all one great force! All together we are Ukraine!

Ребека Бека, Андрей Полишоп, Наталия Яковлева, Олена Шержукова, Виктория Милютина, Тамара Заводник, Анжела Денисенко, Iryna Beketova, @борисбiлецький

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