Tender for medicines

As part of the SG54595 project, it is necessary to purchase medicines (on a tender basis).

The applicant must determine and submit a proposal (range, price, terms of sale and delivery) for the supply of medicines in the city of Kharkiv.

Please note the following important provisions of the tender:

  • the deadline for submission of proposals is June 17, 2022, 12:00 Kyiv time;
  • questions on the terms of the tender must be sent no later than 18:00 Kyiv time, June 15, 2022;
  • price proposals are submitted in Ukrainian;
  • communication on the tender is in writing at:

Phone for questions + 38-096-576-69-20 (telegram) Serhiy Yakovlev.

“Humanitarian Kitchens of Slobozhanshchyna” project in Zmiiv district

“Slobozhanshchyna`s kitchens” is a story about the warmth and care that are now so necessary for people who escaped from the hell of hostilities. This week we completed the project in Zmiiv region. We thank a lot to our partners! Let’s keep the system! 💙💛

👉 This week in the Zmiiv region the project “Humanitarian Kitchens of Slobozhanshchina” which was realized together with the Zmiiv city council came to the end🤝

1332 portions of food for internally displaced persons were issued.

✅ The distribution took place on the basis of a mass residence of people who arrived from Kharkiv, Balaklia and other settlements where active hostilities are taking place.

✅ The food was prepared in a local cafe, so thanks to the project the local business is supported 💖

👉 It became possible to feed people thanks to the implementation of the project “Humanitarian kitchens of Slobozhanshchyna”, which is implemented by the Charity Foundation “Kharkiv with you” with the support of Razom for Ukraine Fundation.

We truly thank the partners for their support of the Zmiiv community 🤝 🤝 🤝

The NGO “Development together” in cooperation with the Zmiiv city council carries out the project in the Zmiiv community🤝💖

Thanks for the stethoscopes

Let us express our deepest gratitude to all for all the actions that support Ukraine in this difficult time for us. Every word, every action, every help given to us is valuable not only materially, but also psychologically and morally. It is very important for us to know that there are people who remember and think about us. Thank you very much!

We recently received as a gift 20 stethoscopes from Ekohealth – Making Healthcare Affordable which came to us thanks to Nova Ukraine.

They are very important and necessary.

Thank you for your coordinated work, for the warmth of your hearts.

With sincere respect and best wishes,

Olena Rofe-Beketova, Director of “Kharkiv with You” Charity Foundation

Baby food for Nova Vodolaga

Every day, the “Kharkiv with You” Charity Foundation ships humanitarian aid, which our partners – volunteer organizations deliver throughout the region.

Today we handed over baby food to the Novovodolazka community, because our children need care nowadays above all. They are the future of our nation. We believe that our children will grow up conscious, confident, with their own position and worldview as it should be. And they will help us make the world a better place. And now we are doing everything possible for the future prosperity of our Ukraine.

Here is what Volunteers of Vodolazhchina “Family” (Волонтери Водолажчини “РОДИНА”):

“Hello friends, we want to share with you a small part of our work. This week our volunteer team worked non-stop. In total, more than 250 packages of baby food for 0 to 2.5 years old were handed out.
Our volunteer guys also delivered packages of baby food to nearby villages.”

Together to victory❤️

Glory to Ukraine ❤️🙏🇺🇦

Just Elena, just a volunteer

🇺🇦✌️The war proves that Ukrainians are a truly invincible nation, able to quickly mobilize in a crisis. We are like a big hive, where everyone plays their part, strengthening and helping others.

Yes, we started cooperating with Novovodolazka OTG when we were approached by their representative – volunteer Olena, who was a lawyer in a peaceful life and had nothing to do with volunteering. The challenge of time has changed her priorities.

At first, Olena came to us to pick up a humanist in a small car of her own. But during these three months, the number of residents of the Community has increased many times due to migrants from dangerous areas. So now the zealous volunteer is loading us with a big bus and still manages to help the military.

💙💛 We are working together for the victory and prosperity of our native Ukraine!

Let’s win together!

HelpArmy volunteers work tirelessly every day for the benefit of our defenders and defenders!

For example, we recently delivered camouflage nets to our boys and girls.

Today we helped our border guards and defenders from Novaya Vodolaga — brought them generators. Thanks for helping our Polish friends AEDMax.pl!

We brought drinking water, energy drinks, Maggi fast food, medicines, sleeping bags, personal hygiene items, and various useful goodies to our boys and girls, which they need to protect the city!

We also shipped baby food to Novaya Vodolaga, which our cats will give to the kids.

We gave the border guards sprays from ticks and insects, which are now very necessary for them!

We also kindly ask you to share contacts for the wholesale purchase of ticks and mosquitoes to protect our boys and girls!

Thank you for the support of the benefactors and the defenders of Kharkiv for heroism!


Андрей Полишоп, Ребека Бека, Виктория Милютина, Тамара Заводник, Анжела Денисенко, Iryna Beketova, Олена Шержукова, Олександр Гончаров

A short report on the long work (19-03-2022)

A short report on the long work that has been done for the inhabitants of our city:

– we took sleeping bags;

– we took a whole wagon of fast food from the Maggi company, which our friends gave us;

– we also brought our boy hygiene products – shampoos, toothbrushes, etc.

– in addition, civilian clothes and shoes were shipped to the Vysochinovskaya and Zmeevskaya community and the Vysokoe village for distribution;

– handed over to volunteers for further distribution among the civilians of the city of Kharkov – infant formula, baby food, diapers.

Every day we are getting closer to victory!

We believe in victory together!

It was the 23rd day of the war…

Our determination and faith in our country and people are growing every day! We always help with everything we can to the residents of the city and the region.

By tradition, we tell you what we managed to do on March 18:

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